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If you have been left a fur coat & really do not know what to do with it?
Then maybe we can help?

Please Do Not Take it to the Tip Before Reading Further!

One common misconception relating to many older fur coats is; It must be worth £1,000's Sadly this is not true as fashions & styles change! A coat that may have cost over £2,000 in the 70's or 80's may only be worth £40 today!

Examples of this can often be seen on Ebay if you search for completed items, especially for Musquash or natural brown mink.

Today, even charity shops do not like them and you will never see one there, which is a shame as it go towards helping!

Before you decide to donate a fur or furs please inspect it carefully!
If it has any bad odours, then it is fit for the tip! We can no longer accept damaged browm furs or well worn items as they can not be recyled into teddy bears. If you can see the shapes of the fur pelts (Zig Zag paterns) then the stiching has become loose and we will not be able to sell it.

If in doubt, then please send us a few pictures as we can only refund postage costs when we have sold it!

Contrary to some peoples beliefs who visit our website; We actually do support animal welfare and chat openly with all organisations and people who would like to see an end to fur products.
We do not beleive in wasted lives and never sell new furs!

So, if you wish to donate a fur? We will be pleased to accept it and will cover your postage costs as soon as we have found a buyer.

We would also like to know the charity you would like us to donate any proceeds we may receive from the sale of the fur too! We always ask for a receipt of donation from charities and like to forward this to you!

To send a fur:

Please roll the item up tight and place it a suitable box and use Royal Mails normal postage service. The Post office will advise you of the cheapest way to post. Furs can not be insured in the post, so it is not worth taking out insurance!

Address it to:

The Fur Coat Shop
2 Colridge Court
Donnington Wood

Thank you for your support,


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